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Welcome to the SKILZ STORE PRO SHOP!!

SKILZ and the SKILZ “S” are Official Registered Trademarks Protected by United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1999.

“Find the best in yourself and share it with the world”  These are the positive words etched in the first brick used to build the foundation of this brand.

SKILZ Future

The SKILZ Brand is dedicated to designing and creating innovative concepts and products for all types of athletes, warriors, and hard working individuals around the world. The SKILZ Advanced Performance Apparel and Footwear Design Team has their eyes on the future creating cutting edge concepts for apparel and footwear technically designed to make a difference in a competitive world. Currently in Development.

SKILZ Brand Training Apparel, SKILZ Brand Athletic Apparel including SKILZ Brand Sports Specific T-shirts are currently on sale at select basketball tournaments, sporting events SKILZ Brand is also available at SKILZ Online Pro Shop at skilzstore.com.